Manage your Social Media in ONE PLACE

Enhance the performance, optimize content and shedule quality information for your audience

¿What can you do with SOCIAL GATOR?

Social Gator helps you to boost your audience, engage your followers, and grow your business globally by allowing you to:

  • Create follow/Unfollow Automatic Twitter Campaigns.

  • Rank YouTube videos ahead competitors.

  • Access to Smart Keyword tool for Ads campaigns, YouTube video marketing and any other Marketing Campaign.

  • Access to Smart Title and Description Generation for YouTube Video Marketing.

  • WhatsApp Marketing and Communication: Get a shared WhatsApp business number, configure bots, auto messages, send individual or group messages, configure follow-up messages to engage your audience.

  • Get Access to Tons of 100% quality content to feed in all your social networks 24/7/365.

  • Auto-post in your social networks 24/7/365 or schedule them to be published.

  • Auto-post in your WordPress website (s) 24/7/365 or schedule them to be published.

  • Connect your Instagram Accounts and Track Contents performance.

  • SMS Marketing and Communication: Send SMS messages to your audience worldwide by using SMS marketing, create groups, schedule messages and more.

  • Automate RSS feeds channels to feed your social networks with quality content.

  • Create and manage Google ads Campaigns.

  • Automate publishing on Facebook Pages and Groups .

  • Automate publishing on LinkedIn Company Pages and Profile.

  • Automate publishing on Twitter.

  • And much more! we are evolving and enhancing our services continuously.


You can be your own SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER:

Create High Standard Content Campaigns to manage your social networks with ease. Get full control, track performance conversion rates and turn your audience into qualified prospects for your business.

¿How does SOCIAL GATOR work?


Find Prospects and Qualify them with Quality Content

Social-Gator is the only platform that goes beyond simply connecting your social networks.

You have the opportunity to use the most essential features to generate Trust and Credibility for you and your business.

Social-Gator allows you to connect with the most important social networks within our platform, in such a way that you can enhance them, reach more markets, and Qualify your Fans/Audience.

Our "Easy to Do" step by step will guide you to the process of being your own social media manager, have full control of your social media, interact with your audience, measure the performance of the content shared and track the conversion rates of your social media campaigns.

Connect and Engage Your Audience


We provide the smartest tools that will make your life easier when talking about strategic automated Quality content to be published in your main social networks 24/7

All Social Media Working for You

You Can be your Own
Social Media Manager


Expand your Audience globally, Create Follow-up and Unfollow Campaigns, Promote your brand, business, products and / or services!


Turbo Videos

Rank your YouTube videos above your Competitors: Expand your Audience and promote your business globally!



Connect your Social Networks, program and Automate posts, put them to work for you 24/7/365!



Learn how to Get Access to TONS of Relevant, Exclusive and Qualified Content to Publish on your Social Networks in just few seconds with Feed blaster!

-You Will Find All Video Tutorials in Your Learning Center -
Full HD Step By Step and With Real Demonstrations For Better Understanding-

Automate all Your Business

Thanks to Advanced Social Media Management Tools

Either if you are a Company owner, business person, entrepreneur, self-employee or a social media enthusiast, we help you to build in a successful social media environment that leads your audience into a future customer or qualified prospect in order to boost your business or your own brand.

Create Promo, Publishing, Ranking Video

Process and Following Campaigns with Ease

We have created smart algorithms that allow you to create the most effective converting campaigns not only for boosting quality content to your social networks and new audience/followers but for video ranking, so that way your social media will work for you while you can see effective results almost immediately.

Social-Gator has for you a Complete video tutorials Learning center so that way you know how to take advantage not only from Twitter-Booster or Turbo-YouTube, but to all Social-Gator. Read in detail the features and Pricing for better understanding.

Each Plan´s Features And Functionalities

Whatsapp Marketing Beta

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Follow chat conversations with your visitors*
Share content, images, URLs, Emojis
Send Instant messages to a single visitor*
Customized Following Messages 1 1 1 1
Waiting Messages 1 1 1 1
Create autowelcome messages 1 1 1 1
Pre-designed Following Messages 1 1 1 1
Creat Smart bots for Auto Answers 25 50 100 200
*Needs to be in fulfilment of Facebook/whatsapp Terms of Use

Twitter Booster

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Allowed twitter Accounts 2 4 7 12
Automated Following - Unfollowing Campaign Creation
Auto Welcome Messages Tool
Auto Following Tool
Auto UnFollowing Tool
Conversion Tool
Manual Tweeting
Automated Tweeting
Scheduled tweeting
CSV tweeting Tool
RSS feeds tweeting Tool
Re-tweeting Tool
Manual posting
Automated Posting Tool
Scheduled posting Tool
RSS feeds automated posting Tool

Turbo YouTube

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Allowed YouTube Channels to connect 1 3 6 10
Allowed Twitter Accounts to connect 2 4 7 12
Allowed Facebook Accounts to connect 1 3 6 10
Allowed LinkedIn Accounts to connect 1 3 6 10
Allowed Wordpress Websites to connect 1 3 6 10
Allowed YouTube videos to Publish on Social Networks per Month Including Wordpress 45 180 315 540
Search Video and Stats Indicator Tool
Scheduled Posting video Tool
Smart Title Generator Tool
Smart Description Generator Tool
Competitive and most ranked TAGS locator generator Tool
Advanced Keywords Tool
Video Optimization Tool
Social Networks Video Sharing Tool
Text Editing and Description for auto posting
URL Customization Tool
Content and Comments Administration Tool

Feed Blaster

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Unlimited Content Keyword searching
Get Access to TONS of relevant and Qualified Content to Publish on all your social Networks
Includes Also YouTube Keyword Searching Results ready to Publish


Personal Manager Expert Premium
Allowed Accounts to Connect 1 3 6 10
Create Manual and Automated posts
Scheduling Posts Tool
RSS feeds and CSV format Automatic daily and scheduled posting Tool
Create posts with images, videos, content, emoji, and URL


Personal Manager Expert Premium
Create Contests
Track full performance

Smart Manual & Programmable SMS service

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Monthly Credits 1500 2500 3500 5000
Send Manually SMS messages to your audience to any Country
Schedule SMS messages on time and date
Get Access to Sent Statistics and Reports
Create and Edit Groups to Send SMS messages
Re-send Groups/Individual Sent Messages
Upload CSV or XML files to send SMS messages
All credits are cumulative, if you don't spend them in a certain month, they accumulate up to 30 days more!

RSS Feeds

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Allowed RSS feeds Channels 10 20 40 70
Automated Postings to you networks and WordPress
Scheduled postings to your networks and WordPress

Ads Booster

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Create And Manage Google Ads Campaigns 10 20 40 70
Search, display, shopping and multi channel Campaigns
Campaign Stats and Tracking tool


Personal Manager Expert Premium
Wordpress Websites Allowed 5 10 20 40
Publish Content From FeedBlaster
Publish Content From RSS feeds
Publish Content From TurboYoutube
Publish Content with Social Networks
Publish Content only to Wordpress
Connect your WordPress website to Social Gator
Daily, Automatic and Scheduled posting Tool


Personal Manager Expert Premium
Optimize your Vimeo videos with Turbo-YouTube
Posting and scheduling all your videos in Social networks and WordPress

All Plans Additional Benefits

Personal Manager Expert Premium
Step by Step "How to Do it" Video Tutorials and Learning Center
Access to Exclusive Customer Support
Get Access to Social-Gator's Re-seller program

Choose the Right Market Niche

and Make It Work for You

You just need to create your specific campaign, target it into the right market, and Social Gator will do the rest! : you will get a 24/7 automated quality system to boost your audience that will allow you to grow globally

Discovering, Planning, Publishing

and Analytics Made Easy

Find and publish Top performing content for any Topic or industry, collaborate with your team, automate and schedule in just few minutes, track and measure performance and take full control of your social networks by keeping your audience up to date and ready to hear more about you or your business

Ready to Take full Control over Your Social Networks with SOCIAL GATOR and be Your Own Social Media Manager?



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Prospecting Campaigns

With Social-Gator you will be able to create the most reliable "Only Qualified Content Campaigns " according to the niche market you want to target, we will show you step by step how to create them and how to connect them to your audience .

Creating Qualified Content Campaigns will guide you Through your decision making analysis that will enhance the kind of content that really engage your audience in all the social networks

Qualify Your Audience Globally

Conquer New Markets and Target Quality Content

Turn Your Audience Into Qualified Prospects for Your Business


Take full control over your Social Networks